Good News! Huahong Science and Technology was selected as a national "green factory".

National! National level! Provincial! Three Honors in a Row

Micro News | College-Enterprise Cooperation for Development - Huahong Technology & Jiangyin Institute of Vocational Technology

In the afternoon of September 12, Zhang Qingtang, President of Jiangyin Vocational College of Technology, Jing Xinyu

Micro News | Summer to send cool condolences warm hearts

Hot summer, into the ambush after the summer heat, the morning of July 24, Jiangsu Huahong Science and

Micro News | Do my best, nurture your talent - Hua Hong Technology cultivates welding composite talents

Recently, the company organized a workshop of six employees to Tangshan Panasonic (China) Welding Technology Institute to participate in a ten-day training "robot plate welding technology"

Micro News | Production safety and environmental protection management meeting held by Hua Hong Technology

In the afternoon of May 5, Hua Hong Technology held a meeting on production safety and environmental 

Micro News | Ningbo Recycling Industry Association leaders and entrepreneurs visited Hua Hong Technology

In the afternoon of April 10, leaders and entrepreneurs of Ningbo Recycling Industry Association visited

Micronews | "Work" enjoy reading Meet you

Spring is a romantic season,The aroma of coffee.On the afternoon of March 24,Zhouzhuang Town 

Micro News | The first lesson of safety for resumption of work and production

In order to implement the spirit of the city and town safety meeting, Hua Hong Technology actively respond to the main responsible person personally grasp,

Micro News | "The scale of the enterprise strives for upstream, fire safety should take the lead" - Huahong Technology conducted a comprehensive fire safety drill

National Fire Fighting Day FirefightingDay

Every year, November 9 is the National Firefighting Day in China.

"119" is the fire alarm number.

Micro News | The "Lean Digital Workshop Construction LDC Best Management Practice" Project of Huahong Intelligent Assembly Workshop was successfully launched

Warmly congratulate the intelligent final assembly workshop of Hua Hong Technology

"Lean Digital Workshop Construction LDC Best Management Practice"

Micro News | "Fight for the fourth quarter and strive to catch up" - HHN's 2022 middle and senior group building activity

Huahong Technology 2022 Middle and Senior Management Group Building Activity 

Huahong Science and Technology Renewable Resources Equipment Manufacturing and Operation Sector held the regular economic work meeting for the fourth quarter of 2022

In order to summarize the completion of economic work in the first three quarters and prepare for the sprint in the fourth quarter to ensure that the

Micro Blessings | Celebrate the National Day

 Celebrate the National Day

Micro News | Science and Technology Talented Enterprise - Jiangsu University of Science and Technology Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Class of 2019 Graduation Students Visited Internship Huahon

On the morning of September 21, more than sixty students from the 2019 graduating class of mechanical and electronic engineering of Jiangsu University of

Micro blessings|Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

August 1 Army Day|The military spirit forges a prosperous world and raises the prestige of China

The August 1 Uprising in 1927 fired the first shot of armed resistance against the Kuomintang reactionaries. It announced the beginning of the Communist Party of China's independent leadership of the revolutionary armed forces and the creation of a revolutionary army. 

Micro News|Huahong Technology held the 2022 Annual Technology Innovation Conference

In the afternoon of July 25, Hua Hong Technology held the 2022 Annual Technology Innovation Conference in the confer

Micro News|Huahong Technology held the "I'm waiting for you in the book" theme of the third reading sharing session - "Grow Up

In the afternoon of July 22, Hua Hong Technology organized the third reading sharing session of "I'm waiting for you in the book" in the conference room on the sixth floor of the company, 

Micro-News|Huahong Equipment Helps Hebei Fushan 2 Million Tons of Scrap Steel Processing and Recycling Project Successfully Put into Operation

On the morning of July 20, the commissioning ceremony of the first phase of 2 million tons of scrap steel processing and recycling project of Jingye Group was held in Mengerzhuang Industrial Park in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. Huahong Technology was also invited to participate in this event as a participating unit.

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