President's Notes:

Striving on the pioneering road ,everyone will face difficulty and challenge. We can only create legend by persistence and concerted efforts.Success comes frome liability,How much liability one bears,how determined he will be to defeat difficult.

Jiangsu Huahong Indystrial Group Co.,Ltd. President

Jiangsu Huahong Tenchnology Stock Co.,Ltd. President    Mr.Hu Shiyong

Company Profile

Jiangsu Huahong Technology Stock Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of the processing equipment for the recycling resources, which was named as "National Important High-Tech Enterprise in Torch plan".It was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on Dec. 20, 2011, (stock code: 002645.SZ),the Huahong Technology has 3 Holding and Stake subsidiaries. It is the only listed company in the industry. Is CAMU(China Association Of Metalscrap Utilization), CRRA(China National Resources Recycling Association), CRRA(China Resources Recycling Association ), CSRI(China Scrap Recycling Industry Associattion) and other professional Industry Association vice president of units.Is also a member of ISRI, BMR BIR Association of enterprise.


It has more than 300 sets of large-scale high-precision CNC production equipment such as CNC boring rolling, hydraulic deep hole boring and scraping, CNC floor milling and boring machines

Complete quality inspection methods and advanced precision quality inspection equipment