Micro News | Production safety and environmental protection management meeting held by Hua Hong Technology
Micro News | Production safety and environmental protection management meeting held by Hua Hong Technology

In the afternoon of May 5, Hua Hong Technology held a meeting on production safety and environmental protection management, through this meeting, the concept of walking on thin ice, such as the abyss deep into the heart of each manager, so as to manage with responsibility, with blood lessons to arouse the awareness of each employee to protect life and cherish health, education of each employee can not violate the rules, can not be illegal, can not have a fluke, fear of trouble attitude, in accordance with the standard In addition, according to the norms, realistically grasp the work of safety and environmental protection. Through cultivation, leading, penetration to make everyone realize that the grasp of safety and environmental protection is not only for the enterprise, but also for themselves, for the sake of our family happiness. The meeting was chaired by Xu Yufeng, Minister of Personnel and Administration, and attended by all middle and senior management, positive and negative workshop directors, all staff of the safety department, and team leaders.


The Safety Department analyzed and summarized the safety production management

Pan Zhengqing, the minister of safety department, put forward "four" preventive management to the current safety management problems:

First, we must firmly establish the idea of "safety first, prevention first", which is the working policy of safety production and the summary of long-term experience in safety production, and we must carry out the working policy of "safety first, prevention first". To a certain height, a deep understanding of grasping safety is to grasp the development, grasp safety is to grasp the benefits, in the daily production must comply with the relevant safety laws and regulations, strengthen the management of safe production, establish and improve the production safety system, improve the conditions of safe production, to ensure safe production;

Second, we must increase the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers, prevent the occurrence of various accidents, the prevention of safe production must be normalized, to seriously implement the work of safety inspection, safety inspection is to implement the responsibility, standardize management behavior, the discovery of hidden dangers, reduce the "three violations" of effective means to eliminate accidents in the bud;

Three to strengthen the publicity and training education, the strict implementation of three-level safety education, to ensure that employees have the necessary knowledge of production safety, familiar with the relevant production safety rules and regulations and operating procedures, master the safety operation skills of the post, without production safety education and training qualified personnel, shall not be allowed to work;

Four to implement good territorial management, the head of each territory is the first person responsible for the safety responsibilities of the area under their jurisdiction. Responsible for the management of the area of responsibility, not divided into internal and external management, only territorial management. To establish my territory in my safety I am responsible for, your safety I am responsible for, to take the territory as their own home, and good management of home, good home.


                                                         The representative of the responsible person for safety makes a safety statement

As the responsible person for safety, Zhu Minghong, the vice minister of equipment management department, Gu Chengkang, the director of total one workshop and Chen Hao, the safety officer of total one workshop, made safety analysis on the responsible production site, reflected and summarized the problems in the work, and also showed their firm determination on the future safety management, and will do a good job of safety at all times, in all matters and everywhere with a high sense of responsibility and a serious and responsible working attitude. With the purpose of "safety first, prevention first", we will be familiar with safety knowledge, actively carry out safety education activities, improve safety awareness and self-prevention awareness, and prevent safety accidents.

                                               The relevant line of work reported on how to carry out safety prevention in the line of work


Production Director Cao Yu on the next carry out safety prevention work proposed: from the production site, do a good job of "6S" management of basic work, according to the "6S" management requirements to carry out safety management, by ensuring that "things "and" human "safety" to achieve safe production. First, systematic and comprehensive study of safety management knowledge, armed with knowledge of their brains, experience is important, but only experience coupled with scientific management knowledge, is the magic weapon to do a good job of safety management. Secondly, the manager attaches great importance to the ideology, reverence for safety production management, to attach as much importance to safety production management as to their own lives. Finally, safety production management to learn the transfer of knowledge, relying on a person is not able to do a good job of safety production, to do the right thing. Therefore, while we improve ourselves, we have to lead the workshop and the team, and pass the essentials to every employee. Keep in mind that in terms of safety, there is no affection or friendship to speak of, only regulation, do not make a big mistake because of one indulgence.


Lu Jiandong, vice minister of after-sales service department, put forward the following safety management measures for the after-sales service department:

1, all new employees to carry out three-level safety education, strengthen the safety awareness of equipment operators and maintenance personnel, firmly establish the idea of "safety first, prevention first";

2、Because of the changeable working environment and uncertainties, in addition to the three-level safety education, we also organize safety theme meetings for all the expatriate staff and conduct safety training according to the actual situation of the installation and maintenance sites. Usually use the telephone and WeChat contact group to do more safety education to improve the safety awareness of all expatriate service personnel;

3、Check in detail whether the tools used are safe and reliable before the service work, understand the site and environment, and choose a safe location before the operation;

4、After-sales service personnel should pay attention to traffic safety on their way to and from the site, pay attention to the work and operate correctly; clarify their job operation responsibilities, identify the sources of danger, inspect more, and strengthen the guidance of the person in charge;

5、Equipment installation and maintenance involves lifting, after-sales service personnel must stand in a safe position, standardize the operation, pay attention to safety at all times, so as not to operate in violation of regulations;

6、All after-sales service personnel must seriously study labor protection knowledge, improve labor protection awareness and wear and use labor protection articles according to regulations;

7、For those who do not change and violate the rules, they will be dealt with seriously according to the company's management system and will not be tolerated.

                                                                                         Environmental management training


Zhou Peiding, Vice Minister of Personnel and Administration Department, conducts training on environmental management. Training is mainly divided into four areas, one is the interpretation of environmental protection-related policies and systems; second is the production site management, combined with practical analysis of rainwater and sewage diversion, on-site emergency management and risk prevention and control and paint booth management; third is the management of hazardous waste; fourth is to talk about the importance of corporate environmental management.

                                                         General manager gave instructions on safety and environmental protection


General manager Hu Pinlong made a more thorough analysis and summary from several angles, such as personnel operation, responsibility management, and corrective measures. For the safety department proposed the "four to" prevention management to support. Emphasize that all employees should always be aware of the possible safety hazards of each position, each equipment and each operation procedure. Safety is no trivial matter, safety is for better production, production must be safe. Once any work contradicts with safety, safety must be the first, lessons should be learned, safety management should be strengthened, and every work should be done well. Finally, the general manager made the following work deployment for the production safety in 2023:

First, the goal of the year to achieve safe production without accidents;

Second, the full implementation of the production safety responsibility system, strict implementation of production safety and environmental protection management, clear leadership at all levels of work responsibilities, adhere to the principle that the management of production must be managed safety, strengthen the organization of safety inspections, found safety hazards in a timely manner to solve;

Third, improve the rules and regulations of safe production, so that the work of safe production is based on the law, and according to the actual situation of the company, to determine the key areas and key positions of safety management, adhere to the implementation of the responsibility for rectification of hidden dangers of accidents, level by level management in place, the deadline for rectification in place;

Fourth, in order to make the production safety deeply rooted in people's hearts, everyone establish the "safety first, prevention first" safety thinking, the production department should regularly carry out the production safety work conference, the safety department should do a good job of organizing the implementation of the work, the use of class meetings for safety propaganda. Evaluate the possible safety risks in the process of manufacturing jobs and products, and take effective preventive measures;

V. Strictly implement the safety inspection system, the safety department should arrange safety officers to inspect the production sites under their jurisdiction at least once a day in the morning and afternoon, and the safety officers have the right to request immediate rectification of the safety hazards found;

Sixth, strengthen the use of production safety protective equipment, strict use of good safety protective equipment. Strengthen personnel management, prohibit non-company personnel from entering and leaving the production site at will, and all personnel are prohibited from entering and leaving the production area without good protective measures;

Seven, the technical system and process system to the product in the production, processing, handling and installation of the safety matters involved in the workshop staff to give a briefing, on the basis of not affecting the performance of the machine, the design of the product, including parts on the handling of lifting points, the product's instructions for use to note good safety instructions and maintenance instructions;

Eight, safety production concerns every employee of the company, so the whole company should bear in mind that production work must be safe first, once a safety accident occurs, or safety inspection found sources of danger, the person responsible for the serious pursuit of responsibility, by the safety department to implement the safety work, the administrative department to implement the safety rules and regulations.