Huahong Science and Technology was awarded the "Jiangsu Excellence" certification!
Huahong Science and Technology was awarded the "Jiangsu Excellence" certification!

Get "Jiangsu Excellence" certification

 Recently, the "Y81 series hydraulic metal baler" produced by Huahong Technology successfully passed the "Jiangsu Excellence" International Union certification, "Jiangsu Excellence" certification.



Y81 series hydraulic metal baler is suitable for all kinds of metal scraps with thickness less than 12mm (edges, shavings, scrap steel, scrap aluminum, scrap copper, scrap stainless steel, metal crushing materials, etc.) to be extruded into rectangular, octagonal cylindrical and other shapes of qualified furnace materials. It is used in scrap steel processing and distribution centers (bases), scrap car dismantling and remanufacturing enterprises, iron and steel and non-ferrous metal industries.

All models are hydraulically driven and can be operated manually or automatically controlled by PCL. The bale-out methods include bale-turning, bale-pushing and mechanical bale-taking.


" The standard of 'Jiangsu Excellence' is set at 'domestic leading and international first-class', which requires the certified organizations to reflect both 'good enterprises' and Good products'. Jiangsu Excellence Evaluation General Rules focus on 'good enterprises', from innovation and development, quality excellence, brand leadership, social responsibility and other aspects of the comprehensive examination of enterprises.

Interpretation of "Jiangsu Excellence" certification

""Jiangsu Excellence" brand certification was launched in 2020, is the provincial government to implement the innovation-driven strategy, the development of the brand economy, to promote high-quality economic and social development is an important initiative, is to take the lead in standards, certification as a means to meet the high standards, high quality requirements of products and services for third-party certification process. It is an important initiative to promote the high-quality development of economy and society.

"Jiangsu Excellence" is a regional brand of Jiangsu enterprises, which not only represents high-quality Jiangsu products (services), but also represents Jiangsu's reputation, Jiangsu's image, Jiangsu's culture and Jiangsu's strength.

Future Prospect


In the future, Huahong Science and Technology will take the "Jiangsu Excellence" certification as an opportunity to strengthen quality management, focus on technological innovation, increase variety, improve quality, create a brand of greater efforts, so that "Jiangsu Excellence" to enhance the competitiveness of the company and step forward to high-quality development of the "gold standard". "Golden Signboard".