Micro News|Huahong Technology held the 2022 Annual Technology Innovation Conference
Micro News|Huahong Technology held the 2022 Annual Technology Innovation Conference


In the afternoon of July 25, Hua Hong Technology held the 2022 Annual Technology Innovation Conference in the conference room on the sixth floor, the theme of the conference was: Leveraging the wisdom of industry, academia and research, integrating new technologies and expanding new industries. More than ten experts and scholars, including Professor Tang Dunbing's team Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Professor Dai Guohong's team  Changzhou University and Professor Jiang Zhouhua's team Northeastern University, Huahong Group Chairman Hu Shiyong, Vice Chairman Hu Pinxian, Huahong Technology General Manager Hu Pinlong, Huahong Technology Vice President of Technology Huang Jiansheng, Technical Director Chen Hong and relevant department heads attended this conference.


Huang Jiansheng, Vice President of Technology of Hua Hong Technology, presided over the conference

General Manager of Hua Hong Technology, Mr. Hu Pin Long, delivered a welcome speech


Experts universities and research institutes make presentations on special technical achievements

The relevant person in charge of Huahong Technology reported

Experts and scholars take the pulse for the new technology and new direction of Huahong Technology

Hu Pinxian, general manager of Huahong Group and vice chairman of Huahong Technology, issued the appointment letter to the technical tutor of the university


 Hu Shiyong Hu, Chairman of Huahong Group and Chairman of Huahong Technology, spoke


Chairman Hu Shiyong said: the birth of the first hydraulic baler to now, Huahong Technology has gone through 30 years of development, and the industrial map has been extended continuously, but the original intention of cultivating the circular economy has always remained the same, the confidence of seeking development by innovation has always remained the same, and the determination of deep integration with university experts has always remained the same. The development of integration of industry, university and research has always been the direction we insist on. Thanks to the experts and professors who came to Hua Hong to pass on their experience and help the enterprise open up new tracks, expand new products, absorb new technologies and integrate new processes. The country attaches great importance to the field of energy conservation and environmental protection and circular economy, and has introduced a number of major industrial policies one after another. Taking advantage of the east wind of the policy, Hua Hong Technology should follow the trend and take advantage of the trend to seize the lifeline of the times and make unremitting efforts to continue to do fine and strengthen the renewable resources equipment industry.

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