Micro News|Huahong Technology held the "I'm waiting for you in the book" theme of the third reading sharing session - "Grow Up
Micro News|Huahong Technology held the "I'm waiting for you in the book" theme of the third reading sharing session - "Grow Up


In the afternoon of July 22, Hua Hong Technology organized the third reading sharing session of "I'm waiting for you in the book" in the conference room on the sixth floor of the company, and the general manager Hu Pin Long and more than thirty participants of the middle-level capacity improvement activities of Hua Hong Technology attended the sharing session.

                                                                                                                     Book introduction


This book is his first masterpiece, which elaborates various confusions and problems we encounter in life  many angles, and then analyzes them deeply one by one, so as to tell you how to choose precisely and seize every opportunity that arises. In the face of a choice on the road of life, how to overcome the difficulties to let yourself rise to the challenge.

                                                                                                                      Insights Sharing


Xu Yufeng, the minister of personnel and administration department: As the backbone of the enterprise, the enterprise gives us a platform, we need to "grow upward", if you don't, it means you are withered. But how to go up, it depends on our cognition and each person's pursuit. Cognition determines judgment, judgment determines choice, choice determines action, action determines result!


Shen Yuxing, vice minister of process manufacturing department: every person should be born upward, constantly pursuing, constantly exploring, recognizing ourselves and achieving constant progress. Growing upward, let's keep progressing together and become a better self.


Zhou Peng, vice minister of material department: Upward growth requires continuous learning and good habits, there is no shortcut to success, only down-to-earth, through continuous efforts, in the accumulation of time, your regular efforts, in the near future, will eventually be fruitful.


Bian Jinzhong, Vice Minister of Aftersales Service: After decades of career, we are all an ordinary person in the process of figuring out and growing become cautious and become lack of impetus. This book just informs us to cognitive breakthrough, to keep forging ahead and persevere to the end.


Huahong Environmental Protection Equipment Finance Department Director Yan Huiqing: When we want to become better, we must put in the effort and, at the same time, give ourselves enough patience. A person who wants to output must rely on accumulation, and quantitative changes will lead to qualitative changes. Take your time and do it step by step, you can also achieve a high level of success.

                                                                                                                       Book Sharing

Cao Wujuan, Director of Finance Department, Zhou Yongni, Director of Enterprise Management Department, Fu Jie, Director of R&D Department, Hu Mindong, Director of Procurement Department, and Bian Hairong, Vice Director of Quality Department, shared the best passages in the book and used them for their own purposes, and reviewed similar situations they encountered in their work, and combined the passages they read with their own experience to imagine how they would use them in their work in the future.

                                                                                                        General manager comments and guidance


The general manager expressed his appreciation and support for the book sharing session, in which each participant actively participated and enhanced his own ability. Whether it is the sharing of reading experience or the sharing of reading methods, it has direct significance to work and duties. It can be seen that the middle-level cadres have some improvement for their working ability, working effectiveness and working methods. About the middle-level ability improvement and reading, the general manager shared three points with the participants: First, why do we need to read? People and animals are different because people have pursuits, birth to school to work, they need to keep learning, setting future goals, seizing opportunities, relying on the company's platform to progress and improve; second, what books to read? In school we read popular books, after entering the work can be based on job responsibilities and work content, choose professional books to enhance, as a business manager, to learn to behave first and then do things, we need to improve themselves communication, literacy; Third, how to read? Reading, to be applied to the work, learning to apply, theory to practice, so as to enhance the ability, broaden thinking, through learning, to build an excellent team.

Grow upward and set out for the sun

Keep learning, keep practicing, keep improving, keep going beyond

So that everyone can become a capable person different the average person